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Team Green Outdoor is your solution for elegant landscape lighting design, installation & service in the St. Louis, Missouri area. We provide high quality landscape lighting, architectural lighting, poolside lighting and deck & patio lighting services that will increase the value of your home or commercial property investment while providing added security.

Our accessibility to a limitless array of top-quality outdoor lighting products and installation equipment enables our company to provide effective landscape lighting solutions. The Team Green Outdoor staff offers extensive knowledge, experience, and attention to detail; guaranteeing the success of any outdoor lighting project.

From behind-the-scene elements such as landscape lighting design, wiring and custom installations, to visually stunning illuminations, Team Green Outdoor will stay within your budget and complete your outdoor lighting project on time. Once the job is completed, ask one of our experienced staff how we can create a customized maintenance program that will help protect your new landscape lighting investment and maintain security for your home, business or public property.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight a particular object or area, such as the front of a home, pool house, pillars, columns, spotlight on a statue, flower bed or lighting along a pathway. This type of lighting focuses and commands the viewer’s attention.

Outdoor LED UpLighting Clayton MO_ws
Outdoor LED Up Lighting Wilwood MO_ws

Subtle Accent Lighting

Subtle Accent lighting is used similarly to standard accent lighting, but the goal of the installation is to provide a low glow and not necessarily a strong illumination.

This technique can also be used to softly highlight the front of a home, pool house, pillars, columns, spotlight on a statue, flower bed or lighting along a pathway.

Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting Des Peres MO_ws
Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting St. Louis MO_ws
Outdoor LED Landscape House Lighting Chesterfield MO_ws
Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting Lake St. Louis MO 2_ws

Spot / Wash Lighting

Spot / Wash lighting is a method we use to illuminate large trees from a distance using high powered LED fixtures.

When done properly, this can give your property a nice illuminated backdrop along your wooded property line or as close as the back of a pool.

Outdoor LED Patio & Pool Landscape Lighting Ladue MO_ws
Outdoor LED Landscaping Lighting Washington MO_ws
Outdoor LED Lighting Ladue MO_ws
Outdoor LED Lighting St. Louis MO_ws

Path Lighting

Path lighting is most commonly used along flower beds for highlighting the landscape and along pathways for safe illumination.

Outdoor LED Up Lighting Town & Country MO 3_ws
Outdoor LED Patio Entertainment Lighting Washington MO_ws

Outdoor Living Illumination

We install all types of outdoor living space illumination.

Whether you're wanting wire lights with beautiful edison bulbs above your deck or patio, or beautiful lighting incorporated into your outdoor bar or cooking center, we install the best products that give you the best appearance.

Outdoor LED Patio Wire Lighting Ladue MO_ws
Outdoor LED Patio Wire Lighting Washington MO_ws
Outdoor LED Pool & Patio Lighting Washington MO_ws
Patio Bar Lighting Wildwood MO_ws

Pool Area Lighting

Start enjoying your pool area 24 hours a day!

Traditionally pool lighting is only the lights in the water installed by the pool contractor... Team Green Outdoor can add safety, security and and tasteful illumination to your entire outside oasis.

Outdoor LED Pool Lighting Ladue MO_ws
Outdoor LED Pool Lighting Clarkson Valley MO_ws
Outdoor LED Pool Area Lighting Washington MO_ws
Outdoor LED Pool Lighting Chesterfield MO_ws

Water Feature Illumination

Just like pools, waterfalls, bubbling boulders, and all water features should be enjoyed day or night!

We have the most technologically advanced LED lighting to illuminate any water feature.

Outdoor LED Landscape Waterfall Lighting Washington MO_ws
Bubbler Rock Lighting St. Louis MO_ws

Our Process Includes...

Our Stunning, Low Voltage Lighting Systems Include:


  • Professional Design Consultation
  • Elegant High-End Lighting Fixtures
  • Exclusive Lighting Installation Method
  • Optional Maintenance Program
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction

What's The Value Add?

Why Outdoor Lighting?


  • Outdoor Lights provide added night security
  • Outdoor Lighting extends your living environment
  • Outdoor Lights enhance architecture and landscaping
  • Outdoor Lighting increases real estate value

Why LED Lighting?

Why Low Voltage LED Lighting?


  • Requires 75% less power than high voltage systems
  • 1/4 the cost of installing a high voltage system
  • Safer (reduced risk of electrical shock)
  • Less obtrusive fixtures
  • Enable cleaner, more reliable installations
  • Use energy efficient LED bulbs


Traditional Low Voltage VS LED Low Voltage

LED landscape bulbs are the “green” alternative in landscape lighting but the environment isn’t the only thing you’ll help save. As LED bulbs use approximately 75% less electricity than an incandescent bulb of similar lumens, your pocketbook will benefit as well. LED bulbs can last up to 30 years, where standard bulbs need to be replaced every year or so. Furthermore, because LED fixtures are smaller, they allow for lighting designs which previously may have been impossible due to the limitations of standard systems. For example, they can be moved more easily as a tree matures or if you decide to change the landscape. While the initial cost of LED fixtures may be slightly higher, over the course of a lighting system’s lifetime, LED systems can save you 40-50%, as evidenced in the following comparison:

System ComponentsStandard Landscape BulbLED
Transformers & Supplies$1,070.00$647.50

Comparison of a 2,000 square foot home front with 340 watts of incandescent light. Source, Kichler

*Professional installation cost NOT included in comparison.

Products We Install...


Kichler LED Landscape Lighting


Prime Patio LED Lighting


FX Luminaire LED Lighting

Your Budget, Our Lighting Systems

Over the past 20+ years of installing professional low voltage lighting systems, we have analyzed pricing data to generate this general budget outline. This should help you determine the budget size you may need for your lighting project. (All estimated dollar amounts are presented in $1,000.00’s. K = $1,000.00 USD)

Project System / Installation Scope Approximate Budget
10-15 Fixture System (small) $4,000 - $7,000
20-30 Fixture System (medium) $7,000 - $15,000
35-60 Fixture System (large) $15,000 - $25,000
60+ Fixture System (extra large) $25,000+

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