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Team Green Outdoor regularly performs company assessments regarding our service quality and the overall value we provide. Most of the information collected and/or reflected is from our existing clients (before and after service is performed). Before any service or project work is underway, we often ask the client; “What convinced you to choose Team Green Outdoor?”. After the services for the season or project is complete, we ask our clients a slightly different question; “Why should others choose Team Green Outdoor for this service or project?”

Over the years Team Green Outdoor has compiled this specific client feedback with the expectation of allowing others to comprehend our ideology and determine if our methods of service are parallel with their needs. The information was organized into three categories; Company Experience & Reputation, Expertise & Resources and Satisfaction Guarantee.

Company, Experience & Reputation

  • Team Green Outdoor has operated in the St. Louis market since 1997. Furthermore, our company leaders have many decades of combined experience in the industry.
  • We specialize in Land Care and Enhancements (landscaping) for residential, commercial, and governmental properties. Team Green Outdoor is a full time specialist that continuously stays abreast of new developments in the industry.
  • Our #1 commitment is quality and customer service; which makes Team Green Outdoor a perfect solution for the value-oriented consumer. Value-oriented consumers appreciate our expertise and professionalism coupled with superior practices and place great trust in our company’s ability to perform season after season. Team Green Outdoor has competitive pricing; however, this is not the sole reason our “value oriented” clients do business with us.  They are procuring our expertise, reputation, excellent customer service, together with projects & services completed on time, on budget and guaranteed by a solid company. Basically a peace of mind with ultimate satisfaction.
  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau; a testament to our practices and customer satisfaction. We encourage consumers to “Research our Reputation” during the decision process. We also provide testimonials from previous clients, and upon request can provide a list of client references that may be contacted. We also suggest (if possible) meeting us at one of our maintenance accounts or under construction” project job sites to observe our crews live-in-action.
  • Our company utilizes very sophisticated technology to ensure our clients projects and accounts are processed, scheduled, managed, documented and guaranteed efficiently. We perform the majority of these tasks as electronically and as paperless as possible. We also research and adopt the latest technology, leveraging all available resources to stay as organized and as price competitive as possible.
  • We are fully insured for our client’s protection. We carry full Workman’s Compensation, $5,000,000.00 in general liability and complete commercial automobile and equipment insurance. We can also obtain additional coverage should your project require.
  • With over a decade of experience working in the St. Louis, Missouri market, we have created many alliances with other high-quality contractors who we can recommend to our clients, such as; asphalt paving, home builders, home remodelers, gutter companies, plumbers, electricians, engineers, etc. We only recommend trusted contractors to our clients that provide quality, first-class service and cater to value-oriented consumers just as we do.
  • Once we begin a client’s project or service, we continue until completion. We won’t disappear half-way through completion - unfortunately, we hear stories of this happening with other contractors in our fields.

Expertise & Resources

  • We offer professional systematic land care services along with enhancement installations that provide our clients solutions for all types of properties with a peace-of-mind; knowing you made the right choice.
  • Our project consultants and account managers will investigate your specific needs, and in most cases, propose a solution aligned with your property requirements that we can stand behind, and guarantee, 100%. We will never sell you on a project or service that we don’t honestly believe is justified for your situation.
  • We take time to educate homeowners and property managers regarding their current situation along with the services available that will provide the most effective and affordable solution.
  • We specialize in maintenance and development projects ranging from $1,500.00 to $500,000.00 and beyond. Team Green Outdoor has the resources available to properly complete any size project that we undertake.
  • Team Green Outdoor only requires a 33% deposit to schedule enhancement projects.
  • We design and install enhancement projects with the natural environment in mind during the design process and product selection. We recycle all possible materials used by our company.
  • We work very closely with engineering firms and several municipal departments. Should your project require either one, it will most likely be a seamless relationship.
  • Team Green Outdoor owns the same utility locating equipment as 1-800-DIG-RITE. We always call 1-800-DIG-RITE, conforming to state law, but we can double check the exact locations and depths of most utilities when needed - public and private.
  • We have specialized equipment for measuring slopes, levels and grades to guarantee your project is completed properly.
  • Team Green Outdoor uses very specialized excavation and material handling equipment, catering to projects of all sizes. From extremely small, efficient equipment for tight areas (equipment 4’ in width), all the way up to equipment for acres of full-scale earth moving.
  • We have specialized compaction equipment to compact all areas where excavation took place.  No more settling…Team Green Outdoor has the appropriate, specialized equipment to compact backfilled areas to their original condition.
  • We use specialized equipment mats and heavy plywood to minimize disturbance during enhancement installations.
  • After Team Green Outdoor completes a project, all disturbed areas are restored to appear as though we were never there.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • 100% Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee: We want you to be totally thrilled with our projects and services... so much so that you recommend us to your family, friends and neighbors. You are the judge, if our work is not excellent, we will re-do the item in question for FREE. Nothing is more important to us than your complete satisfaction.
  • Team Green Outdoor offers substantial guarantees on completed enhancement projects (new installations / landscape development). Most of our guarantees surpass all competitorsguarantees.
  • Upon the completion of enhancement projects (new installations / landscape development), clients receive their warranty information in writing. Clients can refer to this for the duration of the warranty period and for any property ownership transfer information.
  • Once we receive final payments for sizable enhancement projects, we issue a Paid-In-Full lien waiver for the client’s protection. Lien waivers are always available upon request for any project or service we perform.
  • We provide on-site assessments within two business days after submitting a “warranty case” with our staff (assuming project is still within the warranty period). After assessing the case, we priority schedule warranty work if applicable.

Final Thoughts

As outdoor service experts, we encounter a diverse range of challenges on a daily basis. Since every property situation is unique in one variable or another, we have learned to treat them all distinctively. This way, the project or maintenance solution we devise will directly correlate and most effectively serve each property.

Team Green Outdoor believes the best way to maintain our industry leadership is by embracing challenges. We always try to impress our clients by exceeding their expectations - and sometimes we even impress ourselves. Why do we always raise the bar? Because we can - and we thoroughly enjoy providing clients with the highest level of service.

Our Clients Say...

“We’ve been using Team Green Outdoor for years at our home. All I can say is that they are an excellent company! Courteous, professional, on-time, detailed service. When I contact them for additional projects they are always prompt and ready to help.

We use TGO for annual land care and various landscaping projects that come up..

My wife and I highly recommend Team Green Outdoor to friends, family and anyone else looking for a great company to work with!”

— Gary S – Chesterfield, Missouri

“We’re going into our 6th year with Team Green Outdoor handling our Land Care and Snow & Ice Control. Over the years we’ve been very pleased with their outstanding accomplishments at our property. They are always friendly, service oriented, and ready to go the extra mile to do the job right. We would highly recommend Team Green Outdoor!”

— Cheryl D. – 8 Acre Commercial Property – Chesterfield, Missouri

“We were very pleased with Team Green’s work! The quality and attention to detail was phenomenal. We would recommend them to anyone and will definitely use them for future projects.”

— Mr. & Mrs. Murphy – St. Charles, Missouri



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